The Big Trip Photo Album

Part 1 -- Denver to Hannibal, December 20 to December 30

Part 2 -- Hannibal to Memphis, December 31 to January 3

Part 3 -- Memphis to New Orleans and Denver, January 4 to January 9

Timeline - A list of events and things that we saw on our trip.

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Monica, Aunt Helen, Duncan, Tote, and Maggie Mark in Davenport, Iowa Walsh BUMPERSTICKER Tote, Duncan, and Maggie just back from the windy lakeshore Maggie on the PointMark and Maggie on their way back from the tower Maggie at the lake front John, Dinah, Ben, Wendy, and the CrewOne of the quads at the University of ChicagoIn the rain at the University of ChicagoDad with the whole Denver crewMom and Dad with the Denver Hughes clan.Jenny Sheahan, stylishly pouring champagne in the latest hunting capJerry and crewMark and Jerry at the Ten AcresMonica at the Ten Acres Mark up a treeMark Birthday party in Hannibal, complete with cheesecakeOn the ferry, with the towboat in the background On the steps of GracelandThe Presley Family plot, near Graceland's swimming poolAt the Memphis Riverwalk, pointing out the confluence of Cherry and the Platte (Denver)Maggie at the Memphis RiverwalkDuncan examining a cannon at VicksburgMaggie, Duncan, Tote, and a very large head in New OrleansTwo clowns sword fightingBalloon bedecked Maggie eating beignet at the Cafe du Monde in New OrleansA French Quarter streetDuncan enjoying a French Quarter park (and sporting his balloon hat)Tree near Chalmette, the site of the Battle of New OrleansWhere the River met our road, and we turned around