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"My eyes were finally opened and I understood nature; I learned at the same time to love it." - Claude Monet

Maggie is learning about art in school.  This is cool, because Maggie is a really good artist.

Last week, Maggie told her Dad that Monet sometimes painted the same thing many times in different ways.  (She also said that Monet sometimes painted some pictures that were really, really big and liked to paint things in nature.)

Maggie saw a picture by Monet called "Four Trees."  Guess what that's a picture of?

Monet painted lots of pictures of trees -- especially poplar trees.  One time he was in the middle of painting some trees, when the owner announced he was going to cut them down.  Monet wanted to finish painting them first.

This is what Monet said about how he solved his problem:  "It has been a funny business!  I had to buy the poplars to finish painting them."  (He must have really, really wanted to finish his painting!)

We don't know how much Monet paid for the trees in the painting.  But if he paid $55 for each tree, how much did he pay?

Bonus: If he sold his painting for $500 and the paints and canvas and other things he used cost $20, did he make any money?  How much?

Maggie's Answer