Maggie's Magic POW #1  (Back to home page)

Ellen and Maggie went to visit their friend Ginny Weasley.

Ellen, Maggie, and Ginny were playing Hide and Seek behind the Weasley's house. Ellen and Maggie hid together under a blanket in the backseat of Mr. Weasley's car.

Things were very quiet until they heard the car doors open.  They thought it was Ginny.  But then, they heard the voices of two boys.

 "Ron, I don't want to do this again! Last time, we nearly got expelled from Hogwarts."

 "Oh Harry, don't worry so much, I know what I'm doing this time!"

The two girls heard the engine start.  They could feel the car moving, bumping along the ground.  Suddenly, the bumping stopped.  It was replaced by a whooshing sound, like wind blowing against the car.

Ellen inched over to the edge of the blanket.  She peeked out and gasped!  Maggie quickly clamped her hand over Ellen's mouth and whispered, "Ellen  Quiet!  What's wrong?"  Ellen whispered in a scared voice, "Maggie! We're flying!"

Maggie sat straight up and yelled, "Ahhhh! Stop!"

This scared the daylights out of Ron.  The car took a sudden dive.  The blanket flew out of the car.  Ellen screamed, "I want my mommy!"

Once things finally settled down, the girls introduced themselves.

Harry felt rather bad for Maggie and Ellen.  He handed Ellen his bag of Bertie Botts' Every Flavored Beans.  "There's 200 in there!" said Harry. "That should be enough to keep us until we get to Hogsmeade and call your mom."

Maggie and Ellen were delighted!  They split the beans up into four piles -- one for Maggie, one for Ellen, one for Ron, and one for Harry.  How many beans did each of them get?

Bonus: Before anyone ate any of their beans, Harry said that since Ellen was really scared, she could have half of his beans.  Ron said that sounded good.  So, he gave Ellen half of his beans, too.  Maggie kept all of hers.  How many beans did Ellen end up with?  How many did Ron and Harry get to eat?

To be continued . . .

Maggie's Answer