Maggie's Invention #3 Answer (Back to home page)
The problem
We first made the square with graph paper.  I counted the tiny squares I made the lines around the place where I wanted the square to be.  Then, I started doing the rectangle.  I did it the same way as I did the square but it was a rectangle.

After I was done drawing the rectangle and the square, I counted the little squares inside of the big square and rectangle.  This was so I could find the numbers of little square, because each square cost 50 cents.  And so the rectangle had 24 little squares and the square had 25 little squares, so we got the 24 one which was the rectangle.  Mom was wrong.

BONUS:  I counted up every two squares which made a dollar.  So I kept counting every two squares and putting them together.  When I got to the last square I counted 12 dollars.